Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Google Reader

What fun to learn that Google Reader had a share feature that I can use for my science classes. I can see how this could be useful right away next fall with my classes. I wonder if I can convince other teachers to give it a try? I'm looking forward to learning more about this!

Thing 2 Web 2.0

I agreed with Stephen Abram that what often holds us back from doing something new is the perception that we don't have the time. We can make time when we are motivated to do so.

The article on Web 2.0 was informative but to some extent I am missing something. Why all the hype? Many of us, even those of us in the over 40 group, have been using and enjoying social networking, blogging, IM, etc. for a few years now. I have to admit that our school library hasn't kept up with my personal life but then the need hasn't been there either. Do we create web 2.0 experiences in our middle school just because it's out there or when the staff and students actually indicate some desire to do so? Years of working with teachers has taught me that until they see the need, it can be futile and frustrating to introduce new activities or technologies without a curricular framework on which to place them. Let's all hope that some of the younger set will join the librarians and use web 2.0 ideas seamlessly because it's a better way to teach rather than because it's the "cool" thing to do.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

They made me

Sarah and Colleen convinced me that I'll never make it as a media specialist unless I do all 23 things so here I am! Thanks you two!